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Silicone Seal Strip Update Soon

Silicone industry in China is relatively rapid development, as of 2014 the use of silica gel will break to hundreds of tons. Silicone products in the application of mobile phone sets, because the phone constantly updated, the corresponding mobile phone shell is updated soon, so the demand for silicone is relatively large. In Europe and the United States, silica gel is widely used in kitchen utensils, because of its non-toxic harmless, Silicone Seal Strip environmentally friendly features. Throughout the domestic silicone manufacturers, the quality of products produced varies greatly, mostly low-end products, the lack of innovation and design, mainly by imitation to produce products. Many manufacturers of the production environment is uneven, and there are many or family workshop-style production. Which resulted in the domestic silicone products in the international high-end products, Silicone Seal Strip the competitiveness is not strong. Silicone products will be more and more mature future development, the future development will be more detailed, Silicone Seal Strip high-end. Domestic enterprises in the lack of high-end products is what we need to make up for the place, especially in the medical silicone products, the basic monopoly of foreign enterprises.

With the development of society. Silicone tubes are widely used in our daily life or in many companies' production activities. Silicone tube demand is increasing year by year, Silicone Seal Strip which also prompted the silicone tube manufacturers continue to improve their production technology to produce more products in line with demand.

Silicone tube is another name called silicon (xi) hose, silicone chemical tube is mSiO2 ยท nH2O, its chemical shape is relatively stable, so the use of silicone tube is also widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, Electrical appliances, medical, oven, Silicone Seal Strip food and other industrial sectors of the good electrical insulation seals, liquid transport materials, precision representatives, oil pipelines, household appliances sealed, drinking water pipe seal, medicine and other aspects.

(1) material bonding, sealing and surface treatment and other related fields of basic theoretical research, such as bonding mechanism, model and so on.

(2) Various Adhesives and Sealants New products (including silicone adhesives, epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, acrylic adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, three anti-glue, water-based adhesives, etc.) Development and application.

(3) Various adhesives with sealants New raw materials, especially new functional additives in the application of adhesives.

(4) Adhesives New manufacturing equipment, application technology, Silicone Seal Strip analytical testing and evaluation methods of aging in different environments, Silicone Seal Strip and adhesive products and bonding technology in automotive, electronics, high iron, new energy, construction machinery, Silicone Seal Strip clothing, packaging, construction, timber Processing and other fields of application research.