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Silicone Seal Strip Insulation Performance

With the change of human living environment, Silicone Seal Strip modern building windows and doors have experienced from steel doors and windows to steel doors and windows, ordinary aluminum doors and windows to broken bridge insulation doors and windows, system doors and windows, Silicone Seal Strip construction doors and windows industry development led the replacement of the seal, from the initial Of the natural rubber seal of the times, the development of modern silicone rubber seal, seal in the doors and windows in the role of the role of accessories also more apparent. The same time as

Sealing tape is an important part of the construction of doors and windows, Silicone Seal Strip which through the body structure of the lip cavity flange and other parts of the elastic contact with the contact surface pressure caused by the profile and glass, the box and the fan closed between the effective prevention Internal and external media (rain, air, dust, etc.) to leak or intrusion, to prevent mechanical vibration, Silicone Seal Strip shock and damage, which play a sealed, sound insulation, insulation and insulation role, energy-saving building doors and windows to obtain excellent waterproof, Sound insulation, sealing and other performance play an important guarantee, Silicone Seal Strip so that the seal is the key to energy-saving windows and doors. The same time as

As a key material for energy-saving doors and windows, Silicone Seal Strip seals in the doors and windows in the watertight, airtight and energy-saving important role. The silicone rubber seal tape as a revolutionary seal products, energy-saving doors and windows to provide the perfect seal, with unparalleled performance advantages.

Silicone rubber can be used in the environment of -70 ℃-200 ℃ long-term use, silicone rubber good high and low temperature performance in the latitudes of the larger areas of China is particularly important in the south of China sunny windows and doors and walls, the temperature at 70 ℃ Is normal, Silicone Seal Strip and in the winter in the northern climate at -40 ℃ is not surprising. The huge temperature difference makes PVC, thermoplastic elastomer, EPDM rubber used severely restricted, the general plastic and rubber or elastomer at -20 ℃ has been brittle, even at 0 ℃ conditions can not be construction. While the silicone rubber in the larvae -70 ℃ a 200 ℃, the physical nature of no major changes.

Whether it is plastic or EPDM organic rubber, Silicone Seal Strip the material is basically carbon oxygen chain and carbon chain composition. The C-O and C-C bonds of these materials (336KJ / mol and 356KJ / mol, respectively) were lower than those of UV irradiation (370 / mol). In the heat aging environment is also prone to broken chain phenomenon, resulting in degradation of materials. Performance for the sealing tape impatient UV aging and thermal aging. The Si-O-Si bond energy (452KJ / mol) is higher than the ultraviolet radiation energy, so the silicone rubber has excellent weather resistance and aging resistance. In the sun and rain, Silicone Seal Strip water and the role of ozone, home outdoor after 30 years of aging, no significant decline in performance can be synchronized with the life of doors and windows, other materials can not be achieved. The same time as

Sealing tape in a variety of aging environment, the performance of the doors and windows for the sealing performance has a very important impact. In the actual use of the process, the construction of doors and windows in the sealing of the quality of the main problem is the use of the recent hardening and brittle, loss of elasticity and sealing function; or by sunlight, the adhesion of the surface and the glass on the phenomenon , Silicone Seal Strip Pollution of the doors and windows, affecting the doors and windows of the sealing function and aesthetics; or a short period of time to shrink off the groove off, lost its role. These are due to poor quality of the tape aging resistance is poor, long-term exposure by the sun, the aging of the strip after hardening, Silicone Seal Strip loss of flexibility, easy to fall off. Not only poor sealing, but also cause the glass loosening safety hazards. Sealing tape failure will have a very negative impact on the performance of the windows, including reducing the airtightness, watertightness and thermal insulation of the windows. The seal must be resilient throughout the life of the window and form a whole with the window.