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Silicone Seal Strip Direction Development

From the east coast to the western land, there are new curtain walls decorated with modern architecture, Silicone Seal Strip from the Beijing Olympic Games to the Shanghai World Expo, a variety of curtain wall construction witnessed the development of the industry. With the development of new technology, the building curtain wall is becoming more and more vigorous in the direction of high performance, Silicone Seal Strip heat preservation and energy saving. The design of modern curtain wall is far beyond people's imagination, the appearance of shaped curtain wall and multifunctional curtain wall make this kind of architectural form get rid of the former supporting position and become a big architectural subject

In the curtain wall design, Silicone Seal Strip the curtain wall seals as the entire building system's fitting, although the dosage is small, but the function is not to be underestimated, Silicone Seal Strip the seal not only has played the sealing effect, but also may avoid the wall plate between the hard connection, prevents the friction to bring the loss. The quality of the sealing strip often determines the sealing performance of the curtain wall. But it is because of the small amount of sealant, inconspicuous, often also do not pay attention, Silicone Seal Strip but do not know "a sink". Excellent quality sealing strip, durable, fully able to adapt to the curtain wall outdoor environment, Silicone Seal Strip to ensure the sealing performance.

When it comes to the sealing performance of the curtain wall, it is important to mention the concept of "rain principle". The principle of rain is a design principle that indicates how rainwater will be prevented by the infiltration of this layer of "curtain". The main factor in the application of this principle is that there is an empty cavity inside the seam, and the inner pressure of the external surface has to be equal to the outside air pressure in all parts, so that the outer surface is on the other side of the pressure state, Silicone Seal Strip which refers to the exterior surface of the "rain". The pressure balance is made to open the opening, so that the cavity and outdoor air flow in order to achieve pressure balance. This effect is formed by leaving an empty cavity behind the outer wall, Silicone Seal Strip which must be connected with the outdoor connection to achieve the above-mentioned objective, Silicone Seal Strip and the wind fluctuation caused by the randomness of winds also needs to be balanced on both sides of the outer wall.

The leakage of curtain wall has three elements:

A. There must be a gap on the curtain wall;

b. There should be water around the gap;

C. There is the role of water through the gap into the interior of the curtain wall.

This revolutionary new material complies fully with the requirements of the building curtain wall seals, Silicone Seal Strip with excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, excellent weather aging and waterproof, good compression deformation performance, clean appearance and color diversity, high elasticity and physiological inertia, non-toxic and tasteless properties, and good compatibility between materials. In particular, Silicone Seal Strip facing the harsh environment outside the curtain wall building, the Lexus silicone strip can also be competent for a variety of sealing needs, and long-term maintenance of its physical and mechanical properties, to achieve effective sealing, long-term sealing.