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Silicone Seal Strip Development Of

With the change of human living environment, modern building doors and windows have experienced from steel doors and windows to steel doors and windows, Silicone Seal Strip ordinary aluminum doors and windows to broken bridge insulation doors and windows, system doors and windows, building windows and doors industry development led the replacement of the seal, from the initial Of the natural rubber seal of the times, the development of modern silicone rubber seal, Silicone Seal Strip seal in the doors and windows in the role of the role of accessories are also more apparent.

Sealing tape is an important part of the construction of doors and windows, Silicone Seal Strip which through the body structure of the lip cavity flange and other parts of the elastic contact with the contact surface pressure generated between the profiles and glass, between the box and the fan closed, Silicone Seal Strip effectively prevent Internal and external media (rain, air, dust, etc.) to leak or intrusion, to prevent mechanical vibration, shock and damage, which play a sealed, sound insulation, insulation and insulation role, Silicone Seal Strip energy-saving building doors and windows to obtain excellent waterproof, Noise, sealing and other performance play an important guarantee, so that the seal is the key to energy-saving windows and doors.

As a key material for energy-saving windows and doors, Silicone Seal Strip seals in the doors and windows play a watertight, air tight and energy-efficient important role. The silicone rubber seal as a revolutionary seal products, energy-saving doors and windows to provide a perfect seal, Silicone Seal Strip with unparalleled performance advantages.

High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber with excellent performance, mainly:

Silicone rubber can be used in the environment of -70OC ~ 200OC long-term use, silicone rubber good high and low temperature performance in the latitudes of the larger areas of China is particularly important in the south of China sunny windows and doors and walls, the temperature is 70OC is normal , Silicone Seal Strip While in the northern winter climate in the -40OC is not surprising. The huge temperature difference makes PVC, thermoplastic elastomer, EPDM rubber used severely restricted, the general plastic and rubber or elastomer at -20OC has been brittle, even in the 0OC conditions can not be construction. And silicone rubber in the -70OC ~ 200OC, Silicone Seal Strip the physical nature of no major changes.

Whether it is plastic or EPDM organic rubber, the material is basically carbon oxygen chain and carbon chain composition. The C-O and C-C bonds of these materials (336KJ / mol and 356KJ / mol, respectively) were lower than those of UV irradiation (370 KJ / mol). In the heat aging environment is also prone to broken chain phenomenon, resulting in the degradation of materials. Performance for the sealing tape impatient UV aging and thermal aging. Silicone Seal Strip The Si-O-Si bond energy (452KJ / mol) is higher than the ultraviolet radiation energy, so the silicone rubber has excellent weather resistance and aging resistance. In the sun and rain, water and the role of ozone, home outdoor after 30 years of aging, no significant decline in performance can be synchronized with the life of doors and windows, other materials can not be achieved.

Building doors and windows always bear from the outside and their own mechanical changes, such as: thermal expansion and contraction, instantaneous load, Silicone Seal Strip wind load, seismic effects, long load: weight, temperature deformation, snow load. Silicone rubber excellent flexibility, good compression deformation, Silicone Seal Strip other rubber and plastic can not match, silicone rubber Shore 30A-85A between the arbitrary adjustment, to achieve the best sealing performance.

The latest study shows that: silicone rubber oxygen permeability is 25 times that of natural rubber, butyl rubber (IIR) 428.6 times, this performance can keep the room fresh air, Silicone Seal Strip the most suitable for human life.

Has a good surface performance, and the color can be made of color, Silicone Seal Strip with any color of the doors and windows profiles with a good decorative effect. Excellent surface properties, anti-sticking, hydrophobic.