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silica gel Plug

Basic Info

Model NO.:OB-05031505Type:Box
Material:Solid WoodUsage:Home Decoration, Daily Use, Commerce Gifts & Decoration, Personal Decoration, Collection, Religion Gifts
Shape:ColumnColor:Natural Color
Raw Material From Changbai Mountain:Barrel Plug :Silica Gel

oak Barrels 
oak Barrels 
oak Barrels 

Classic oak Barrels Perfect oak   oak Barrels


Product information
Name: Classic oak Barrels Perfect oak
Instruction of Oak There are about 200 types of oak trees in the world, but only a few can be used to make barrels, while the French oak tree is the best one. The material we used is introduced from Changbai Mountain and overseas. The Changbai Mountain area has the same latitude as the French oak tree growing area, about 42°-43.5°north; we adopt international pioneering technologies and bring in advanced facilities. All the connections on the barrel are dealt with traditional sealing method without any adhesive and the tap is made of pure natural oak. So the oak barrel is pure green product without any harm to human health. The chemical substance called tannins, Syringic acid, vanillic acid, Syringin and coniferyl aldehyde contained in the oak will make the wine in the oak barrel mature quickly and own fragrant flavor in a short time. Oak also has unique air permeability. A bit of air through barrel plate will react with wine. This process of oxidation can produce different fragrant substances and accelerate deposition of insoluble substances. The taste of wine will be sweet, soft and fragrant.
Antique imitation color and primary wood color
PE inner container and stainless steel inside bag at your demands

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Product Name

Classic oak Barrels Perfect oak


oak Barrels

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