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Rubber Seal Strip Use And Function

When we talk about the seal, we will think of the application of the seal in the car parts such as doors, windows, body, seat, sunroof, engine case and trunk, and its waterproof, sealed, Rubber Seal Strip soundproof, dustproof, antifreeze, , South China Rubber as a production seal of the professional business, we not only deep in the seal from the mold design, structural manufacturing, processing, assembly, Rubber Seal Strip test mode, trial production, mass production of each process, but also very focused on the seal of the touch With the design, because the seal application equipment in different parts of the car, with different uses and functions

At present, the rubber extrusion die can be divided into two kinds, Rubber Seal Strip namely, monomer rubber extrusion die and composite rubber extrusion die, the two extrusion mold both common and personality. The single extrusion die is usually composed of a panel, the structure is simple; Rubber Seal Strip composite extrusion die generally by the panel, runner board, manifold, fiber guide composition, more complex

Mold design commonly used in the design of software AutoCAD, Pro / E, UG, Rubber Seal Strip CATIA SolidWorks, etc., because the sealing strip extrusion products are not subject to length restrictions; and seal type not only with single rubber seal (pure rubber seal), also Including the composite rubber seal (metal support skeleton of the composite seal); In addition, the seal in the installation and use of the process, Rubber Seal Strip will show a very complex mechanical properties, such as material properties, geometric nonlinearity, boundary conditions, nonlinear , So the seal forming process is very sophisticated and complex, so the mold design should pay attention to the different materials, Rubber Seal Strip the shrinkage of rubber, Rubber Seal Strip as well as product layout and internal structure.

Composite rubber extrusion die design In addition to the monomer rubber extrusion mold design common, there are some special requirements

(1) must ensure that different kinds of rubber (and skeleton) extrusion rate consistent with each other to ensure that different kinds of rubber (and skeleton) can be well combined into a whole;

(2) For the composite extrusion mold with skeleton (metal or wire weave), it is necessary to ensure the locking of the composite position between the mold and the extruder mold and whether the locking design of the composite gap is adjusted;

(3) the composite extrusion die in the skeleton into the mold and composite extrusion die cavity with the tilt angle should be appropriate.

Rubber seal extrusion die design is a system design, each new product needs to start from the design mold, mold quality will test the accuracy of the product, so every detail of the design are not sloppy Oh.