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Rubber Seal Strip The Request

Rubber seal can improve air tightness, Rubber Seal Strip car seal tape is one of the important parts of the car, widely used in doors, windows, body, seats, skylights, engine chassis and trunk and other parts, Rubber Seal Strip can be used for installation Bus luggage door rubber hinge, but also has other waterproof, Rubber Seal Strip sealed and so on, can effectively prevent the storm into the compartment.

Vulcanized rubber sealant with outstanding ozone resistance, excellent weather resistance, good high temperature, low temperature performance, prominent chemical resistance, a variety of polar solute, the relative density of small. The disadvantage is in mineral oil and lubricants in the expansion of large. Rubber Seal Strip Use temperature range -60 ~ + 150 ℃.

With excellent resistance to high and low temperature characteristics, Rubber Seal Strip ozone and weather resistance; excellent hydrophobic and proper permeability; Rubber Seal Strip with unparalleled insulation performance; can achieve food hygiene requirements of the health level, to meet the requirements of various colors. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength of the rubber material in the worst, Rubber Seal Strip not oil. Use temperature range -100 ~ +300 ℃. Applicable to high temperature, cold, strong ultraviolet radiation and high-rise buildings.

Compared with other special rubber, the individual performance is poor, but the overall performance balance is good. Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat aging resistance and oil resistance Solvent resistance, good chemical resistance and excellent flame resistance, good adhesion. Rubber Seal Strip Storage stability is poor, the storage process will occur hardening phenomenon, cold resistance is not good. Relative density is large. Usually black products. Used in the oil, heat, acid and alkali requirements of the environment. Use temperature range -30 ~ +120 ℃.

The main features are oil, solvent resistance, Rubber Seal Strip but not resistant to ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons and other media, elastic and mechanical properties are very good. The disadvantage is that ozone and oxidation in the easy aging cracking, cold resistance, Rubber Seal Strip low temperature resistance is poor.

(Shore A hardness 65 ~ 80 degrees), mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation at break) superior, excellent and excellent resistance to wear, good oil resistance, Rubber Seal Strip hardness adjustable range (Shore A hardness 65 ~ 80 degrees), mechanical properties The cold resistance and chemical resistance of the chemical intertwining, the higher the price of raw materials. For recyclable materials. Rubber Seal Strip Use temperature range -60 ~ +80 ℃. Applicable to earthquake-prone areas, near the railway or with high-power crane plant and other areas of strong vibration, and strong areas of ultraviolet radiation.

With rubber flexibility and flexibility, can be used for plastic processing methods, without vulcanization, waste can be recycled, and re-use. Is a wide range of materials, Rubber Seal Strip heat resistance, good cold resistance, relative density, oil resistance, solvent resistance and chloroprene rubber similar to the compression of permanent deformation and wear resistance is not very good. Use temperature range -40 ~ + 150 ℃. Applicable to cold, and high-rise buildings.

Is the surface of the seal coated with polyurethane, Rubber Seal Strip silicone, polytetrafluoroethylene and other substances to replace the traditional process of surface flocking. After the coating of the seal has a good wear-resistant, smooth, especially coated with silicone coating after the seal, the surface friction coefficient is small, Rubber Seal Strip is conducive to sliding doors and windows. Suitable for doors and windows with sliding doors and sashes.