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Rubber Seal Strip The Need

Rubber seal tape industry is developed with the automotive industry. Rubber Seal Strip In the 1970s, in order to adapt to the high speed, safety and energy saving of the automobile, Rubber Seal Strip the pollution was eliminated and the pollution prevention was made. Rubber Seal Strip In order to meet the requirements of the automobile industry, the automobile industry and the petrochemical industry developed at a high speed, and the industrial production level of the rubber seal tape was greatly improved. The need to promote the continuous development of new varieties of tires. Consumption of raw materials in the transport occupies a considerable proportion. For example: a free spleen 4 tons of truck, need rubber seal tape products more than 200 kilograms, Rubber Seal Strip a hard seat car to be fitted with rubber seal tape products total weight of more than 300 kilograms, a million tons of wheels need rubber seal tape products Nearly 10 tons of heavy, a jet airliner needs nearly 600 kilograms of rubber seal tape. In the sea, land and air transport, which one can not do without rubber products. As a means of transport, Rubber Seal Strip tires are a major accessory. Rubber Seal Strip In recent years in addition to the production of ordinary tires, but also vigorously develop radial tires, tubeless tires underground railroad also used a rubber seal tape tires. Railway vehicles and vehicles to promote the use of rubber seal rubber strip spring products, airtight rubber release. Large shops, stations, Rubber Seal Strip subways are also using manned transport belt. In addition, there are rubber seal strips made of "hovercraft", "air-cushion car" and so on.

The industrial sector needs large and small rubber seal tape products that more, variety, wide use, and some special requirements. The main products are tape, hose, Rubber Seal Strip sealing gaskets, rubber roller, rubber sheet, rubber seal lining and labor protection supplies. In the mining, coal, metallurgical and other industries to use tape to transport finished products, all over are constantly emerging, Rubber Seal Strip in order to large-scale production of Xiao, but also to produce steel cord conveyor belt and synthetic fiber conveyor belt. In recent years, the mine mill rubber seal tape lining to replace the manganese steel, Rubber Seal Strip the service life increased by two to four times, but also reduce the noise, this product has been around the world to promote.

Pre-rubber foam seal business barbaric growth and vicious competition, to the rubber and plastics industry has brought a great negative impact. Industry users, Rubber Seal Strip the media began to question the actual effect of rubber foam seal, from the original advocacy has become cautious, the market sales also slow down a few years or even some areas of sales decline in the phenomenon. The domestic rubber foam seal companies face difficulties at the same time, foreign rubber foam seal brand dark layout into the Chinese market, of course, despite the market in a chaotic state, but the domestic brands in the exploration in the forward, Rubber Seal Strip and gradually find their own Direction of development.

A foam seal is a seal that uses the characteristics of certain materials to create a stomata through it. Divided into EPDM (EPDM) foam seal, Rubber Seal Strip silicone foam seal, PU foam seal. Rubber Seal Strip Foam seal using microwave curing technology a molding, the surface smooth and beautiful, no contact marks. Has excellent flexibility and anti-tightening deformation, excellent anti-aging function. Rubber Seal Strip Flame retardant features fine, low smoke low toxicity; product features stable, high precision scale.