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Rubber Seal Strip The Development Prospects

Automotive rubber seal is a new and environmentally friendly automotive rubber seal, Rubber Seal Strip due to good performance, good market prospects, B-type automotive rubber seal is the seal industry trends.

As the current car rubber seal mainly non-renewable use of EPDM rubber, therefore, the use of easy processing, performance is better than rubber, lower overall cost, Rubber Seal Strip waste recyclable thermoplastic elastomer, casting elastomer and mixing Type elastomer and other materials to replace EPDM rubber, rubber car production rubber seal, has a very broad prospects for development.

The main raw material for the manufacture of automotive rubber seals is EPDM rubber. The material has a high curing speed, good extrusion process performance, Rubber Seal Strip excellent resistance to ozone and weather resistance aging performance, in the future for a long time is still the preferred rubber rubber seal production.

As the main raw material, EPDM rubber is also constantly updated and developed. It has excellent physical properties, and the operable processing performance of the new EPDM control its molecular long chain branching, so that the vulcanization performance is better, improve the extrusion speed and product yield. In the case of

Other new thermoplastic elastomers, Rubber Seal Strip pouring elastomers and kneading elastomers are constantly being used in automotive seals.

Past seal production more use of artificial stamping molding, simple and backward process, the shape of a single, mostly H-shaped. The present sealing strip is produced by computer-controlled extrusion molding or injection molding techniques, including microwave vulcanization, Rubber Seal Strip compound extrusion, variable caliber extrusion, surface spraying and the like.

The traditional salt bath is vulcanized with a nitrite salt bath system, and the salt seal after the salt bath also needs to be further washed with water.

With glass glass beads ebullated bed vulcanization, not only to glass pearl erection bed regularly cleaned up, for some complex sections of the seal, after the need for further cleaning the surface clean.

Therefore, whether it is salt bath vulcanization, Rubber Seal Strip or glass beads ebullated bed curing may cause environmental pollution, damage to human health. At present, most domestic automobile rubber seal production enterprises have switched to the use of clean microwave continuous vulcanization production process.

In order to ensure the quality of automotive rubber seal in the mass production, the general use of high degree of automation, batch quality and stability, Rubber Seal Strip good dispersion and yield of large efficient, high-quality mixer for compound mixing. There has been a cold feed extruder specifically configured for microwave continuous vulcanization automation production lines.

The cold feed extruder is subjected to sub-heating, the screw chamber and the compound head are equipped with a circulating water heating system. The extrusion speed can be adjusted continuously. The extruded seal is fed into the hot air preheated by the conveyor belt Section, microwave section, hot air oven section, water cooling tank or water spray cooling tank, and finally automatic cutting, to achieve feeding, extrusion, Rubber Seal Strip continuous curing, cooling and cutting automated production.

In the process of manufacturing the seal, the use of variable-mouth technology, that is, the use of computer-controlled extrusion type change, changing the previous cross-section in the extruded section of the same practice. According to the need, in the corner part and connect the body or clamping parts, Rubber Seal Strip so that cross-section "gradient" or "mutation."