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Rubber Seal Strip Simple Structure

The plastic material is heated and plasticized in the extruder, Rubber Seal Strip and between the screw and the barrel is strongly cut, and through the rotation of the screw continuously forward transmission, and then under a certain pressure by extrusion die (also known as die) extrusion to obtain the desired product shape.

1, the rubber material through the extruder screw rotation to obtain further mixing and plasticizing, to ensure that the extrusion of semi-finished rubber material quality more dense, even;

2, the application of a wide range, Rubber Seal Strip through the transformation of die, can be extruded various sections of the shape of rubber profiles and for the use of die-forming semi-finished products;

3, extrusion molding products fast, high production efficiency, is conducive to automation production;

4, extrusion molding is not limited by the length, Rubber Seal Strip can meet due to equipment constraints and can not be molded by the production of super long products.

At present, rubber extrusion die can be divided into two kinds, namely monomer rubber extruding die and compound rubber extruding die, both of which have commonness and individuality. Single extrusion Die is generally composed of a panel, simple structure, composite extrusion die generally by the panel, runner plate, Rubber Seal Strip splitter plate, fiber guide components, more complex.

The common design software of mould design is AutoCAD, Pro, UG, CATIA SolidWorks and so on, because the sealing strip extrusion products are not limited by the length, Rubber Seal Strip and the type of seal is not only containing a single rubber seal (pure rubber seal), but also a composite rubber sealing strip (metal supporting skeleton of the composite class seal);

In addition, the sealing strip during the installation and use process, Rubber Seal Strip will show very complex mechanical properties, such as material properties, geometric nonlinearity, boundary conditions, such as nonlinearity, so the sealing strip forming process is very sophisticated and complex, so in the mold design should pay attention to the shrinkage of different materials rubber,Rubber Seal Strip as well as product layout and internal structure.

For any extrusion die, the main design point is to ensure the section size and shape composite design requirements of extrusion products. Therefore, Rubber Seal Strip the monomer rubber extrusion die in the design need to consider the following six factors:

(1) Any plastic material from extrusion die extrusion will occur different expansion, when the hardness of the rubber material from small to large, Rubber Seal Strip the extrusion section of the expansion rate from large to small;

(2) When the extruder temperature is changed from low to high, the swelling rate of extrusion section is changed from small to large;

(3) When the extrusion speed is changed from low to high, the section of extrusion product is only changed from small to large;

(4) Different kinds of rubber or different adhesive rate of mixing gum, Rubber Seal Strip the extrusion product cross-section of the expansion rate is different;

(5) The expansion rate of every part in the section of extruded product is not to be passed, especially in the opposite section;

(6) The design shape of extrusion die will have different influence on the section and size of extrusion products.