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Rubber Seal Strip Performance Change

For the automotive seal, the use of the process, long-term experience of wind, rain, dust, light, oxygen and ozone corrosion, so the simulation of atmospheric environment research is essential. Rubber Seal Strip Most of the conventional test methods to examine the impact of thermal oxygen on the life of the car seal, because the role of thermal oxygen under the rubber chain of unsaturated double bonds continue to be destroyed, so that product performance degradation, and rubber thermal aging performance research has been rubber industry Widely used, and ozone aging research is often easy to be ignored. Ozone accounts for 0.1% of the volume of air in our lives, Rubber Seal Strip although the content is small, but ozone has a strong ability to oxidize, is leading to the aging of the rubber in the atmosphere of a very important factor. Ozone is more active than oxygen, its rubber, especially the impact of unsaturated rubber is much more serious than oxygen. Rubber products in the ozone environment test, Rubber Seal Strip the sample can be placed in different ozone concentrations, in different temperature and humidity conditions, together with the dynamic / static stretch, bending, fatigue test fixture for a certain time after the observation Such as the surface oxidation, the degree of cracking damage, to assess the material's anti-ozone aging properties, Rubber Seal Strip or with other test equipment to assess the performance of ozone before and after aging changes, shows the ozone aging test before and after the sample surface morphology changes, from The figure can be seen, ozone aging, the rubber surface a lot of spindle cracks.

For ozone testing, the key factor affecting the accuracy of the test is the generation and detection accuracy of ozone. Ozone production methods are UV lamp irradiation method and corona high pressure discharge method in two ways, the preferred high-pressure discharge form, Rubber Seal Strip ozone production speed, high concentration, the maximum concentration of up to 30000PPhm, and low concentration control stable and accurate; the same time, ozone Detection methods are also essential, common electrochemical and ultraviolet absorption method, electrochemical method for the use of potentiometric titration, chemical reduction of the form to test the ozone concentration of the box, this method has low test accuracy, and chemical reagents need to be replaced regularly, Rubber Seal Strip The current international most popular technology for the use of UV absorption method, but also the ozone measurement of the baseline method and arbitration method, the use of ozone on the wavelength of 254 nm UV absorption characteristics, according to Beier Lambert (Beer-Lambert) law, Rubber Seal Strip the determination of ozone Concentration, this method can detect 0.001pphm concentration of ozone, the line in the order of 4-5 orders of magnitude.