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Rubber Seal Strip Development Trend

Automotive rubber seal is a new and environmentally friendly automotive rubber seal, Rubber Seal Strip due to good performance, good market prospects, B-type automotive rubber seal is the seal industry trends.

As the current car rubber seal mainly non-renewable use of EPDM rubber, therefore, the use of easy processing, performance is better than rubber, low overall cost,Rubber Seal Strip waste recyclable thermoplastic elastomer, casting elastomer and mixing Type elastomer and other materials to replace EPDM rubber, rubber car rubber seal production, has a very broad prospects for development. At present, the US company's production of thermoplastic elastomers have been used in Ford, Rubber Seal Strip Volkswagen, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz production of the car.

At present, the United States and other industrial developed countries seal the production enterprises have developed a color seal, China's seal companies should also proceed to the development of color seal to meet the needs of different users. In addition, foreign countries have developed intelligent rubber products. Rubber Seal Strip China's seal companies should pay close attention to the world of polymer materials and intelligent rubber products, the development trend of intellectual property rights of the development of intelligent rubber seal, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

With the continuous development of China's auto industry, the market for automotive seals, especially the performance of the car seal more and more demanding, Rubber Seal Strip not only need to have excellent sealing, but also beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly. Driven by this demand, Rubber Seal Strip the automotive seal technology continues to introduce new products, new materials and new equipment into the actual production.

As the car seal on the material, process requirements are higher, a long time, the domestic market to import products. But with the rapid development of the automobile industry, Rubber Seal Strip in the automotive seal on the research and development, China has accelerated the pace. Such as the Qingdao University of Science and Technology with a package structure of the powder Dingqing rubber modified high degree of polymerization of PVC made of car rain, the development of rainproof material to Japan imported material LE608A indicators; Rubber Seal Strip East China University of Technology developed car roof With waterproof strip special materials can be used for Santana car roof waterproof production, the performance have reached the target, can replace imported products.

In the process of manufacturing the seal, Rubber Seal Strip the use of variable-mouth technology, the use of computer-controlled extrusion extrusion changes, changing the previous cross-section in the extruded section of the same practice. According to the need, in the corner part and connect the body or clamping parts, so that cross-section "gradient" or "mutation." For example, the position, Rubber Seal Strip wall thickness or size of the sponge bubble can be changed, and the cross section variable in the length direction can be extruded at once so that the sealing strip can be better matched with the main body and sealed, Rubber Seal Strip and during the processing, Reduce the labor intensity, changing the previous cross-section of the seal in the post-processing need to fit and angle and other complex processes.

During the extrusion process of the seal, it has been developed from a double composite, three composite coextrusion process, namely hard glue (soft glue), sponge glue, metal skeleton co-extrusion to four composite extrusion, or more compound Of the co-extrusion, so that different varieties of rubber, different materials, Rubber Seal Strip different colors of the co-extruded. Some of these technologies are higher, Rubber Seal Strip labor intensity is lower, and the realization of online electrostatic flocking, Rubber Seal Strip can achieve single or double flocking, while the line can be sprayed polyurethane, silicone oil or other coating.