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Rubber Products With Plastic

Rubber products in the rubber industry, accustomed to the use of the same purpose or related additives called the system. For example, vulcanizing Rubber Products agents, vulcanizing agents, active agents and anti-Coke agents are collectively referred to as vulcanization systems because they are all related to vulcanization.

Vulcanizing agents include sulphur, selenium, tellurium, sulfur-containing compounds, organic peroxides, quinone compounds, amine compounds, resins, metal oxides and other vulcanizing agents;

Vulcanizing accelerator includes Rubber Products disulfide, xanthan acid salt, Autumn lamb, thiazole, hypo-sulfonamide, amine and aldehyde amine condensation, guanidine and thiourea;

Activator includes zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, stearic acid, etc.

The so-called rubber vulcanization, is the plastic rubber material into a flexible vulcanization process, that is, the rubber molecule chain in the chemical or physical Rubber Products factors of the role of chemical crosslinking, into a spatial network structure. Any chemical that causes the cross-linking of rubber can be called a vulcanizing agent.

Sulphur Yellow is one of the most commonly used. The vulcanization of pure sulphur is not only crosslinking efficiency and crosslinking density is very low, and the physical and mechanical properties are poor, so the pure sulphur system is seldom used in the compound formula.

The use of some organic sulphides (the main species have Tmtd, TMTT, DTDM, etc.) and organic peroxides (commonly used varieties have DCP, DTBP, etc.). The use of Rubber Products these vulcanizing agents can make the rubber material with some excellent special properties, such as heat resistance, anti-aging and so on.

In addition, some synthetic resin materials are used. The vulcanizing agent can make the linear rubber molecule cross-linked into a net structure.

In the use of Sulphur Huang vulcanizing agent, usually with a number of chemicals to promote their vulcanization reaction, thereby improving production efficiency and Rubber Products the performance of the adhesive. The chemical drug that can promote the vulcanization action is called vulcanizing Accelerator.

vulcanizing accelerator commonly used varieties are: vulcanizing accelerator m, DM, MZ, Oz, Nobs, DZ, TT, TMTT and so on. At present, the better vulcanizing accelerator is Rubber Products quaternary phosphorus salts, such as 1-o-dimethyl imide-4-butyl triphenylphosphine bromide, bis (benzyl triphenylphosphine) imide chloride, triphenyl benzyl chloride, etc., the dosage is generally 0.4. Of course, can also use composite vulcanizing Accelerator, in addition to Quaternary phosphorus salts can also add quaternary ammonium salts, such as tributyltin and thiazole base ammonium sulfide, double cinnamon propylene support diamine and so on. Vulcanizing Accelerator can shorten vulcanization time, reduce vulcanization temperature and reduce sulphur and yellow dosage. Thiazole and Hypo-sulfonamide are the main body of vulcanizing accelerator, which accounts for the total amount of $number.

Where can increase the activity of vulcanizing promoter, improve vulcanization efficiency, improve the performance of vulcanizate of chemical agents known as active agent, Rubber Products commonly used in zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, stearic acid and so on.

In order to prevent the rubber material in the processing process to appear early vulcanization phenomenon (burnt), often need to add some chemicals that inhibit the production of Rubber Products early vulcanization, that is, anti-Coke agent, but the addition of the coke will slow the vulcanization rate, resulting in the performance of vulcanized rubber, coupled with expensive, so, in general, rarely used.

Anti-vulcanization reflux agent is the newest kind of additive at home and abroad, specially used to improve the resistance of vulcanized rubber. Anti-vulcanization reflux agent can be regarded as a new additive of curing system, as well as a new additive of anti-aging system, which has the advantages of stabilizing the vulcanization network, improving the stability of heat-resisting oxygen of products and maintaining the good dynamic performance of the common vulcanization system and the semi effective vulcanization system.