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Rubber Products The Security Of The

High speed, safe, comfortable, Rubber Products energy saving and environmental protection are the goals pursued by contemporary cars. With the development of automobile modernization, the requirements of automotive rubber products are becoming more stringent and demanding, Rubber Products not only requires a variety of special properties of rubber materials to meet the new technical requirements of the car, but also requires rubber materials have higher physical and mechanical properties, such as Anti-aging, high resistance, Rubber Products low temperature, resistance to new fuel and excellent dynamic fatigue performance, durable life. In fact, every modern high-performance cars have to rely on the technical progress of rubber products to provide protection, Rubber Products the performance and quality of automotive rubber products, to improve the quality of automotive vehicle quality plays a very critical role. It is worth noting that the role of rubber products is always accessories, Rubber Products but the accessories are always around the host of technological progress and technical level. Therefore, Rubber Products it can be said that the technical and quality of automotive rubber products can basically reflect the level of vehicle technology.

Rubber tires are known as the two legs of the car, and the important role of tires in the car is self-evident. Tires are rubber products in the rubber industry, Rubber Products the largest amount of rubber products, so the rubber industry is often the tire from the rubber products in the independent separation of a special species. Rubber Products In the auto parts, the rubber tire is a special accessories.

 Car tires play the role of carrying the car's own weight, the car's people and the full weight of the goods, but also plays a role in making the car forward, back, turn and brake functions. Rubber Products The safety, comfort and driving performance of the car relies heavily on the high performance and quality of the tire.

Rubber tires have a history of 160 years. As early as 1845, the British R. W. Thomso put a hose on the wooden wheels, thereby reducing the wheel's rolling resistance, Rubber Products reducing the vibration, but this early rubber tires at the time has been very popular. Of course this should be due to the excellent performance of the rubber material. Until 1888, the British J. B. Dunlop invented the pneumatic tires. In the next 100 years time, Rubber Products with the development of the automotive industry, rubber tires experienced several generations of product development and improvement of tire skeleton materials from cotton cords, rayon to nylon cord bias tires, development To today's steel radial tires.

Human invention of pneumatic tires, effectively promoted the development of the car. Because the pneumatic tire shock absorption performance is excellent, significantly reduce the vibration, Rubber Products so that the car operating safety better, ride more comfortable, and can greatly improve the speed of the car. With the continuous improvement of rubber materials, formulation technology, Rubber Products manufacturing equipment and manufacturing process, the use of car tires safety and durability of life greatly improved. For example, in 1900, each tire travels only 800km; by 1978, each tire has reached 60,000 km mileage; Rubber Products the development of the 21st century, each tire mileage is not less than 140,000 km, or even 20 Million kilometers.

Rubber damping products are mainly installed in the engine, body, air conditioning and car suspension system. Mainly used to reduce the car when driving the vibration and noise, improve vehicle control stability, safety and comfort. With the continuous improvement of the performance of modern cars, Rubber Products rubber shock absorber products, the performance and quality of the increasingly high demand. Mainly need to shock products must have excellent damping performance, anti-dynamic fatigue performance and long life durability. Rubber Products Automotive rubber shock absorber products are mainly air springs, engine front and rear suspension pads, flexible coupling and various shapes of rubber bushings, gaskets and so on. The high-end car is also equipped with a special shock absorber with excellent performance in each tire support.