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Rubber Products The Rapid Development

China's rapid development of the automobile industry, to promote China's other related supporting industries, Rubber Products especially the rubber industry. Over the years, Rubber Products automotive rubber products have developed into a unique specialized products industry. Rubber Products Automotive rubber products are an indispensable component in auto parts. About 100-200 rubber products are installed on each car, using about 200-500 rubber parts. In addition to tires, due to different specifications of different vehicles, consumption of rubber materials is about 15-60 kg, Rubber Products while the automotive rubber products (excluding tires) account for about 6% of the total cost of the car. There are about 1,000 kinds of non-tire rubber products in the automobile industry, Rubber Products with more than 8,000 specifications. According to statistics, the automotive industry occupies the global annual consumption of more than 70% of raw rubber, of which 60% of tire occupancy, automotive rubber products accessories accounted for 40%.

High-speed, safe, comfortable, energy saving and environmental protection is the goal of contemporary car. With the development of automobile modernization, Rubber Products the requirements of automotive rubber products are becoming more stringent and demanding, not only requires a variety of special properties of rubber materials to meet the new technical requirements of the car, but also requires rubber materials have higher physical and mechanical properties, such as Anti-aging, high resistance, low temperature, Rubber Products resistance to new fuel and excellent dynamic fatigue performance, durable life. In fact, every modern high-performance cars have to rely on the technical progress of rubber products to provide protection, Rubber Products the performance and quality of automotive rubber products, to improve the quality of automotive vehicle quality plays a very critical role. Rubber Products It is worth noting that the role of rubber products is always accessories, but this part is always about the host of technological progress and technical level. Rubber Products Therefore, it can be said that the technical and quality of automotive rubber products can basically reflect the level of vehicle technology.

 Rubber tires are known as the two legs of the car, Rubber Products and the important role of tires in the car is self-evident. Tires are rubber products in the rubber industry, the largest amount of rubber products, so in the rubber industry is often the tire from the rubber products in the independent separation of a special species. In the auto parts, rubber tires are a special kind of accessories.

Automotive rubber products can be divided into tires, Rubber Products sealing products, shock products, safety products, tape products, hose products and other products such as wipers, fender, adhesives, Rubber Products sealants and interior products such as seven categories.

Sealed products O-ring, skeleton oil seal and seal three categories. Rubber Products O-ring and skeleton oil seal is installed in the engine, gear box, car spindle and hydraulic pneumatic transmission system to prevent the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other liquid leakage or gas leakage to ensure the normal operation of the various parts system, and to prevent the external sand Dust and other impurities into the system, affecting the normal work of the machine. O-ring and skeleton oil seal is mainly used for rotary shaft or reciprocating shaft seal. Skeleton oil seal according to the structure can be divided into internal skeleton oil seal, Rubber Products outer skeleton oil seal, semi-exposed skeleton oil seal, seal oil seal, with lip seal and combined oil seal; according to the car in the installation site can be divided into crankshaft before oil seal, , Gearbox oil seal, Rubber Products cam box oil seal, wheel oil seal, axle oil seal, air pressure pole oil seal and shock absorber oil seal. Sealing tape is mainly used for automotive doors and windows, suitcases, hood and other parts, to play sealed, wind, rain, Rubber Products shock and noise and so on. According to the structure can be divided into pure rubber seal (which can be divided into sponge glue and dense plastic) and composite seal (sub-rubber / metal skeleton composite strip, Rubber Products two or more rubber composite and rubber plastic composite).