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Rubber Products Structure And Composition

Rubber product refers to the natural and synthetic rubber as raw materials to produce all kinds of rubber products activities, but also the use of waste rubber recycling of rubber products. Synthetic rubber production has been much higher than the natural rubber, which is the largest production of styrene butadiene rubber.

1. Rubber products molding, after a large pressure to suppress, due to the elastomer is not prepared by the cohesion can not be eliminated, in the mold from the mold, often resulting in very unstable shrinkage (rubber shrinkage, due to different varieties of different ), Must go through a period of time before the gentle stability. Therefore, when a rubber product design at the beginning, regardless of formula or mold, must be carefully calculated with, if not, it is easy to produce product size instability, resulting in low quality products.

2. Rubber is a thermosetting thermosetting elastomer, plastic is hot and cold. Rubber due to the different types of sulfide, the molding curing temperature range, there is a considerable gap, even due to climate change, indoor temperature and humidity affected. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products, need to be adjusted at any time, if not, it may produce product quality differences.

3. Rubber products are made of rubber raw materials made by mixing rubber refining made of rubber as raw materials, rubber in the rubber according to the characteristics of the required design of the formula, and set the required product hardness. The product is molded and molded by a rubber flat vulcanizer. After the final product molding process, the product surface treatment smooth and no burr.

4. Rubber products aging test belongs to the aging test category, rubber aging refers to the rubber and products in the processing, storage and use of the process, due to the combination of internal and external factors caused by the performance of structural changes, and thus the loss of the use of value. Manifested as cracking, sticky, hardening, softening, powdering, discoloration, mildew and so on

Structure and composition:

Linear structure: Unvulcanized rubber of the general structure. Due to the large molecular weight, no external force, was fine group. When the external force, the removal of external forces, fine group of entanglement changes, the molecular chain rebound, resulting in a strong tendency to restore, which is the origin of high elastic rubber.

Branch structure: the chain of rubber macromolecules chain aggregation, the formation of gel. The gel is detrimental to the performance and processing of the rubber. In the rubber refining, a variety of complexing agent is often improved gel area, the formation of local blank, can not form reinforcement and cross-linking, as the weak parts of the product.

Crosslinking structure: linear molecules through some atoms or atomic groups of the bridge and connected to each other to form a three-dimensional network structure. With the progress of the vulcanization process, this structure has been strengthened. In this way, the free activity of the segment decreases, the plasticity and elongation decrease, the strength, the elasticity and the hardness rise, and the compression set and the degree of swelling decrease.