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Rubber Products Power And Quality

Rubber machinery products trim is divided into technology, machinery and frozen three categories:

1. craft trimming. The operator holds the tool, along the outer edge of the product, will gradually repair the flash. This is the initial approach. Low power, difficult to ensure quality, Rubber Products especially for the configuration of the mess, the accuracy of the high demand for goods is difficult to complete, in the net, and very simple damage to the goods ontology and flash connection. Usually leaving the teeth marks, gaps, and then leave the oil spill, leakage and other effects of the seal after the doubt. Rubber Products Other Craftsmanship on the operation of the degree of proficiency is also very good.

2. mechanical trim. In order to travel power and quality, there is a mechanical trim. More common is a rotating edge with a dedicated electric trimming machine. The blade used must be highly matched with the product standard. Assume that the inner and outer edges of the product have a flash. You can program into a double edge, multi-edge. To finish once finished. Mechanical trimming of the processing accuracy across the trimming, power also has doubled travel, especially for a multi-cavity products, in accordance with the display and distribution of goods, the program with the matching tool. To be a commodity after the mold. Rubber Products Can be the whole version of the set, once finished punching. In the cooperation of heating, one can repair dozens. Typical, for example, is a medical plaster. The key is to punch the temperature necessary to master, to prevent high after the adhesion.

3. Frozen trimming. Will vulcanize the product together with the flash, in the frozen conditions in addition to the edge. For decades, with the choice of refrigerated media, Rubber Products replacement and mechanical action to improve the frozen trimming has also experienced several generations of improvement, mature and perfect, operating power and processing quality has been a clear road. The process is to allow vulcanized goods in the frozen and dynamic conditions to reduce the temperature, so that the flash into the brittle situation. And then through their own conflict between themselves, or in the rotation, oscillation, Rubber Products shaking and other dynamic conditions, with the help of conflict and remove the flash. Perhaps, the rigid pills of media to a certain speed to repair the goods to impact, and then remove the flash.

Fundamental. The rubber is hardened and brittle at low temperatures, and the degree of brittleness is not the same due to the difference in thickness. That is, under the same low temperature conditions, some of the thin brittle some thicker than before. Therefore, Rubber Products the use of the thickness of the difference between the edge and the composition of the brittle gradient to complete the trimming, that is, to catch the flash has been brittle and the body is not brittle moments of bad, for the repair of goods to apply conflict, shock, oscillation and other external forces Fly away. Rubber Products While the product ontology is still in a flexible situation without damage. later. Through the use of eruption media to further the role of trimming.