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Rubber Products Improve Flame Retardancy

In addition to a small number of synthetic rubber, Rubber Products the majority of synthetic rubber products and natural rubber, are flammable or combustible materials. At present, the main method of adding flame retardant or flame retardant filler and flame retardant material blending modified to improve the flame retardant. In addition, the introduction of polymer in the monomer flame retardant group is also an effective method of flame retardant technology to improve the cross-linking density of rubber products also have a good impact on the flame retardant.

Hydrocarbon rubbers include NR, SBR, BR, IIR, EPR, Rubber Products EPDM and the like. NBR is not part of the hydrocarbon rubber, but its flame retardant technology and hydrocarbon rubber is very similar, it is attributed to hydrocarbon rubber treatment.

Hydrocarbon rubber has an oxygen index of between 19 and 21, with a thermal decomposition temperature of 200 to 500 ° C, and is generally poor in heat and flame retardancy. Rubber Products Most of the decomposition products during combustion are flammable gases. The use of such rubber flame retardant technology is as follows.

Blending with flame retardant polymers such as polyvinyl chloride, gasified polyethylene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, ethylene - vinyl acetate and other polymers blending, may be appropriate to improve the flame retardant hydrocarbon rubber. In the blending should pay attention to consider the compatibility and co-crosslinking problems.

Add Flame Retardant This is an important way to improve the flame retardancy of hydrocarbon rubber and use the synergistic effect of flame retardants to further improve the flame retardant effect. Commonly used flame retardants are mostly organic halogen flame retardant, which is full chlorinated cyclopentadecyl embankment, Rubber Products decabromodiphenyl ether, chlorinated paraffin and so on more. And the use of inorganic flame retardants to antimony trioxide, followed by zinc borate, hydrated alumina, ammonium acetate and so on. Rubber Products Note that the use of halogen-containing flame retardant can not contain free halogen, because the process of processing, free halogen corrosion equipment and molds, the electrical properties of rubber and aging performance have an adverse effect. In addition to pay attention to the amount of flame retardants on the mechanical properties of rubber adverse effects.

Add flame retardant inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate, clay, talc, silica, aluminum hydroxide, etc., to minimize the proportion of combustible organic substances. Rubber Products Calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide decomposition with endothermic effect. This method will reduce some of the physical and mechanical properties of the compound, the amount of filling can not be too large.

Raising the rubber cross-linking density test shows that increasing the cross-linking density of the rubber increases the oxygen index. Thereby improving the flame retardancy of the rubber. Rubber Products This may be due to the increase in the thermal decomposition temperature of the compound. This method has been applied in ethylene propylene rubber.

Halogen-containing rubber contains halogen elements, oxygen index is generally between 28 ~ 45, FPM oxygen index even up to 65 or more. Generally halogen-containing rubber in the higher the content of halogen, the higher the oxygen index. This kind of rubber itself has a high flame retardant, Rubber Products sf-extinguishing from the fire. So its flame retardant treatment is easier than hydrocarbon rubber. In order to further improve the flame retardancy of the halogen-containing rubber, a method of adding a flame retardant may be used.

The most representative of this type of rubber is dimethyl silicone rubber, the oxygen index of 25 or so, thermal decomposition temperature of 400 ~ 6001 :. In fact, Rubber Products the flame retardant way is to improve its thermal decomposition temperature, Rubber Products increase the thermal decomposition of the residue, slow down the production of flammable gases and so on.