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Rubber Products Environmental Awareness

Rubber products, raw materials, grade, grade will affect the content of heavy metals. Rubber Products Therefore, we should pay attention to avoid or reduce the use of chromium and nickel containing raw materials (such as zinc chrome yellow containing hexavalent chromium, antioxidant NBC nickel). Rubber Products Mold and skeleton of the chrome layer will also be brought to the compound of chromium material, so to develop trivalent chromium instead of hexavalent chromium chrome new technology. Rubber industry should pay attention to the textile and leather dyes heavy metal limit, limited with copper, chromium, nickel metal complex dyes, Rubber Products to avoid our shoes in the end of 2005 due to be detected with high levels of nickel and azo dyes were To the Italian "toxic" investigation of the troubled.

Rubber products in the heavy metal content is not only from one or two key raw materials, is all the raw materials (including raw rubber) heavy metal content of the sum. Rubber Products Some raw materials, although very heavy metal content (such as white carbon and kaolin), but also pay attention to "accumulate."

As the EU ELV directive and EEE RoHS directive has been implemented, the rubber product formulation design and production process to achieve "lead-free" has become an important issue.

A vulcanizing agent TCY (2,4,6-trimercapto-triazine) and a Ca / Mg sour stabilizer, a system consisting of a thiadiazole vulcanizing agent / BaCO3 sorbent, a vulcanizing agent XL-21 (2, 3) - dimercapto carbamate methyl quinoline) / Ca (OH) 2 acid sorbent system, are chlorine-free rubber lead-free vulcanization system,Rubber Products has replaced NA-22 / Pb304 or "two salt" The lead vulcanization system is used in automotive fuel hoses. In addition, chlorine sulfide polyethylene sulfide (CSM) of the sulfur monoxide system has serious environmental problems, available lead-free curing system (such as pentaerythritol) instead, or in the production of chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CM) instead of CSM.

Replace the package TPX resin (poly-4-methyl-1-pentene), Rubber Products nylon, polypropylene or nylon / polypropylene with an encapsulated process. As early as 1972, the carcinogenicity of lead and lead compounds has been identified in Volume 1 of the International Cancer Research Center (IARC), Rubber Products and the two directives of the EC (67/548 / EEC and 76/769 / EEC ) Lead and lead compounds are also assigned to hazardous substances and limit values are specified. At that time, the European hose production plant is about to abandon the lead unit, and precisely this time, Rubber Products China's hose industry set off the introduction of continuous lead unit upsurge, has introduced a number of production lines from Europe, some production lines are still running. Rubber Products And was also the cable industry to promote the application, and developed a domestic lead-lead unit. This is due to environmental awareness and the lack of information caused by the decision-making mistakes, to be taken for granted.

Carbon black raw material oil is mainly to clarify the oil, ethylene tar and coal tar, China's carbon black oil is mainly coal tar. Coal tar is an extremely complex mixture, the main components of aromatic compounds and heterocyclic compounds, there are thousands of species, from which the separation and identification of more than 500 kinds. (A) pyrene, benzo (c) pyrene and so on. The results showed that there were many kinds of PAHs in the reaction of the raw materials of the carbon black reaction furnace. Ethylene tar also contains a certain amount of PAHs. Rubber Products Tests show that the current widely used domestic oil furnace carbon black, even in the amount of rubber formulations is not large, will make PAHs exceeded.

Rubber processing oils include aromatic oils, paraffin oils and naphthenic oils. Aromatic oil contains a large amount of PAHs and can not be used for environmentally friendly rubber products, Rubber Products which also limits the filling of high-aromatic oil oil-filled rubber (such as SBRl712, etc.) applications. Although we have developed lower PAHs content of oil-filled rubber (such as SBRl723), but they contain PAHs types and quantities have not been reported, can meet the EU environmental requirements yet to be known. Paraffin oil and naphthenic oil, due to origin and processing technology, its PAHs content is also very different. So far, Rubber Products I did not see the domestic and foreign production of rubber processing oil enterprises to produce PAHs data, it is difficult to make a variety of oil environmental evaluation.

For the widely used high aromatic hydrocarbon unleaded petrol, fluororubber (FKM) has the best fuel resistance and its fuel permeability is much lower than that of nitrile rubber (NBR). Therefore, in recent years, the inner glue of the fuel hose has been replaced by FKM NBR, Rubber Products and the ternary FKM is better than the binary FKM; the high acrylonitrile content of the NBR fuel permeability than the low acrylonitrile content of NBR low; NBR / PVC blends of the fuel resistance and transmittance are Better than the same acrylonitrile content of NBR, Rubber Products and the blends of NBR acrylonitrile content is higher, the better the fuel resistance, the lower the transmittance。