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Rubber Products Appearance Quality

Rubber products in the vulcanization, the rubber is vulcanized rubber products often appear when the quality defects, not only affect the appearance of the product quality, and even affect the inherent quality of the product. Through the observation and analysis of the reasons for the occurrence of bubbles on the vulcanization, Rubber Products developed a solution to the problem, Rubber Products to minimize the occurrence of bubble phenomenon, improve the appearance of the product quality.

Rubber products vulcanized product bubbles are many factors, the key reasons are raw materials, compound mixing processing, process operation, curing equipment and mold and other factors.

(1) natural rubber cut after taking the baking measures, Rubber Products according to the standard control of water and volatile, is strictly prohibited, reduce the moisture content of the original plastic.

(2) chemical raw materials and additives to increase the moisture-proof measures, in the rainy season and the rainy season, foggy weather, especially to help transport, storage, Rubber Products processing and other sectors, to avoid raw materials damp, wet. With a good raw materials with plastic dressing material.

(3) steel cord 1 hour before use to open the packaging to keep the indoor humidity is not excessive, to avoid the steel cord damp, steel wire mortar after the dry and dry.

(4) fiber cord before heating and drying, Rubber Products the cord in the pressure before the machine before the moisture regain less than 1%

(1) to optimize the production formula, the use of easy to disperse additives to replace the use of additives, increase the dispersant, homogenizer and other processing aids to improve the dispersion of various additives.

(2) mixing rubber using two-stage mixer production process, Rubber Products a period of time to improve the temperature of mixing, so that the raw materials in the water and volatile fully volatile, rubber and then put the second batch of mixing, temperature control in the sulfur And accelerator within the temperature range, to avoid scorch time is short or scorch.

(3) plastic refining, a mixing, Rubber Products two kneading, the type of strict control of the semi-finished products of the parking time. So that the full diffusion of various additives to improve the uniformity of the compound, while conducive to the role of mechanical stress and strain recovery.

(4) rubber material to be evenly heated, Rubber Products through the knife, plate, pound and other operations to make the compound evenly. The use of hot glue for the glue and the type of separate operation, to improve the smoothness of the surface of the rubber compound.

(5) the use of extrusion process extrusion compounds, out of the surface of the compound no longer have the phenomenon of nesting air.