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Rubber Products Antioxidant Effect

Antioxidants have antioxidant effects. However, due to different varieties, different antioxidant effects, both the other protective effects and different capabilities. Therefore, in the selection of antioxidants, should be based on the use of products conditions, Rubber Products processing and process conditions, the use of rubber with the specific circumstances, targeted and appropriate selection.

Because of the protective effect of each antioxidant has its limitations, and rubber products in the actual process of aging is the result of a variety of factors, Rubber Products so the use of an antioxidant alone can not meet the protection requirements of products. Are generally more than two kinds of antioxidants and in order to play the greatest protective effect.

Trimming is a common process in the production of rubber products. Trimming methods are: manual trimming method, grinding method, cutting method, frozen trimming method, Rubber Products no flash mold forming method. The manufacturers can be based on the quality requirements of products and their own production conditions to choose the appropriate trimming method.

Handmade trimming is an ancient method of trimming, which includes hand punching with a punch; with scissors, scrape and other tools to remove the glue edge. Rubber Products The quality and speed of the rubber products are also subject to change, and the geometric dimensions of the finished product must be in accordance with the requirements of the product drawings without scratches, scratches and deformations. Before repairing the dressing must be clear parts and technical requirements, master the correct method of dressing and the correct use of tools.

In the production of miscellaneous pieces of rubber, most of the trimming operations are handled in different forms. As the trimming of the manual operation of low efficiency, often in the production task set, to mobilize many people to trim. In this way, not only the work order is affected, but also the quality of the product can not be guaranteed. To this end, consideration should be given to the use of more efficient process measures (such as the use of non-flashing molding mold) or the use of various trimming equipment for trimming.

Dedicated refrigeration trimmer equipment, the principle is the use of liquid nitrogen (LN2) so that the finished part of the burrs at low temperatures brittle, Rubber Products the use of specific frozen particles (projectiles) to hit the burr to quickly remove the burrs. Frozen trimming of the production of high efficiency, low labor intensity, trimming quality and high degree of automation of the trimming equipment, especially for the pure plastic parts. Applicable products widely, has become the mainstream of the process standards. However, such equipment is expensive, operating costs are higher.

The use of non-flash mold production, trimming work becomes simple and easy (flash a tear that is out, so this mold is also called tearing mold.) No flash mold forming method, can completely omit the trimming process, Improve the quality of products and the use of performance, reduce labor intensity and production costs and other characteristics, has broad prospects for development.