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Plastic Products Industry Will Remain In The Future Fast Forward

At present, China's plastic products market focusing mainly on agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, plastic building products, industrial traffic and engineering plastic products, and so on. Recently, the China National light industry information center launched the third quarter of 2013, the plastic products industry monitoring report, throughout the plastics industry is expected to remain moderate the pace of development.

Report based on the authority of the State Department statistics, comprehensive reflection of the first three quarters of China's plastics industry economic trends, foreign trade and development hot spots and difficult problems in the industry, and for the year and the plastic products industry trends analysis and prediction.

Three quarter of 2013, plastic products industry production situation is on the whole stable, economic stability has come in. Light plastic index in the first 9 months of the year in the green range is volatile, exponential trend industry-run law.

Due to the industry into the production season, September production of plastic products to pick up speed, rapid output growth in Western China. January-September output of plastic products in the Western region are greater than those in the eastern region near 22%. Rapid growth in recent years, output of the plastic products in the Western region, the proportion of total national production has been gradually expanding, indicating that China's plastic products industry to shift accelerated in the Midwest, overall industry moved toward balance, will become the new growth of plastics industry in the Western region.

Industry income now occupying the forefront of light industry, steady profit growth, loss of monthly decline, industry growth rate of fixed assets remained stable, but exports of plastic products custom cumulative growth month after month low, industry export delivery value of above-scale enterprises still in negative growth, overall sluggish export situation, has greater restrictions on industry.

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