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NBR Rubber Products The Goal That Is Pursued

If a foam rubber products factory received complaints from customers, NBR Rubber Products feedback products will soon be found after the product deformation can not be restored, NBR Rubber Products that is, product compression permanent distortion. Then the rubber products factory should start to worry about your rubber product quality problems. For molded foam rubber products, the problem of compression and permanent deformation should meet the following requirements:

1. Test the appropriate rubber content, NBR Rubber Products how much the filler affects the compression set. As the filling amount increases, the compression set decreases first and then rises to an optimum value. NBR Rubber Products Such as NBR rubber products O-ring, in the appropriate softening oil, filling 50-70PHR carbon black compression deformation is better; (Recommended reading: how to control the shrinkage of rubber products)

2. Select the appropriate filler, the general white filler, NBR Rubber Products especially the high filling, will lead to compression and permanent deformation becomes larger. Carbon black is the best rubber filler. But the foam rubber, such as filling too little, foaming effect and poor surface products; and foam products generally require low hardness, the amount of carbon black can not be more need to fill more white filler, NBR Rubber Products it needs to find quality, Better white filler;

3. Foaming rate. It seems that the amount of foaming agent with the compression of the permanent deformation is also with the increase in the amount of pressure before the first small, NBR Rubber Products the appropriate large foam, the compression of permanent deformation is good. It is recommended to use OBSH, AC, or H between the use of up to 3 or so, will be more appropriate;

4. Select the appropriate sulfur conditions. The effect of vulcanization temperature and time on compression set is self-evident. But because it is a foamed product, NBR Rubber Products it is necessary to find a suitable balance at the rate of vulcanization and foaming.

High speed, safe, comfortable, energy saving and environmental protection are the goals pursued by contemporary cars. With the development of automobile modernization, NBR Rubber Products the requirements of automotive rubber products are becoming more stringent and demanding, not only requires a variety of special properties of rubber materials to meet the new technical requirements of the car, but also requires rubber materials have higher physical and mechanical properties, such as Anti-aging, high resistance, low temperature, NBR Rubber Products resistance to new fuel and excellent dynamic fatigue performance, durable life. In fact, every modern high-performance cars have to rely on the technical progress of rubber products to provide protection, the performance and quality of automotive rubber products, NBR Rubber Products to improve the quality of automotive vehicle quality plays a very critical role. It is worth noting that the role of rubber products is always accessories, but the accessories are always around the host of technological progress and technical level. Therefore, it can be said that the technical and quality of automotive rubber products can basically reflect the level of vehicle technology.

Rubber tires are known as the two legs of the car, NBR Rubber Products and the important role of tires in the car is self-evident. Tires are rubber products in the rubber industry, NBR Rubber Products the largest amount of rubber products, so the rubber industry is often the tire from the rubber products in the independent separation of a special species. In the auto parts, the rubber tire is a special accessories.

Automotive rubber products can be divided into tires, NBR Rubber Products sealing products, shock products, safety products, tape products, hose products and other products such as wipers, fender, NBR Rubber Products adhesives, sealants and interior products such as seven categories.