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NBR Rubber Products Porous Structural Products

Foam rubber products to rubber as the substrate, NBR Rubber Products the use of physical foaming or chemical foaming method for production, resulting in sponge-like rubber porous structure. This technology has been widely used in the production industry, such as automotive doors and windows seal, cushion, construction pads, seismic materials, sports protection facilities.

The so-called foam rubber is also widely known as the rubber foam technology, NBR Rubber Products is the use of specific blowing agent to deal with rubber, making the rubber with a characteristic performance of a means of treatment. This technology is widely used in the current production field and is one of the most common methods of production at this stage.

Foam rubber products is the production of the most used one of the products, according to the hole can be divided into microporous structure, porous structure of two.NBR Rubber Products  The microporous structure can be divided into separate foam products and continuous foam products. According to the raw material of rubber can be divided into natural rubber products, such as natural rubber foam products, isoprene foam products, sbr foam products, ethylene propylene rubber foam products.

Foam rubber products in the current society more and more widely used in the production and production process and thermoplastic foam has a world of difference, NBR Rubber Products it exists a vulcanization rate and the decomposition rate of blowing agent to match problem. In other words, the success of a rubber material foam in addition to the speed of the existence of a close relationship between the rubber material vulcanization process and the decomposition of foaming agent occurs when the principle is basically the same, is a gas expansion wall Resulting in the corresponding resistance of the extension process.

In the manufacturing process, NBR Rubber Products usually require the specific objectives of the product to select the scientific rubber material, these materials in the choice of soft, moderate strength, good elasticity of natural rubber products, but also choose to meet some Product demand for artificial rubber. For the production of oil-resistant foam products, in addition to the need to select a reasonable scientific and technological nitrile rubber, NBR Rubber Products but also to analyze the proportion and relationship between chloroprene rubber, and even to meet the needs of certain special products, you can also use two or more rubber and form.

Foaming agent is the most important part of the whole production of foam rubber, its selection and work efficiency, work quality is closely related. In general, the system has a good performance of the foam products must choose a scientific and reasonable blowing agent, and the use of blowing agent, NBR Rubber Products the use of methods to meet the current social development requirements. At present, the foaming agent mainly contains both organic foaming agent and inorganic foaming agent. Among them, inorganic foaming agent mainly refers to sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, urea and so on. These foaming agents have the advantages of fast decomposition and low temperature in the application. In theory, the foaming performance is also good. NBR Rubber Products Because of the technology used in the application of the gas is mainly carbon dioxide and ammonia, etc., the existence of these gases makes the rubber structure there is a large permeability coefficient, it is difficult to produce closed-cell foam rubber, made of low quality rubber foam , Low strength, high shrinkage, easy to deformation, NBR Rubber Products so it is easy to use in the work alone, and generally can be used as an organic blowing agent to use.