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NBR Rubber Products More And More Extensive

Analysis of rubber products with foaming NBR

Foamed NBR Rubber products are widely used in the current society, which is very different from the thermoplastic foaming in the process of making NBR Rubber Products and producing, and it has a problem that the vulcanization crosslinking speed matches with the foaming agent decomposition speed. In other words, the successful foaming of a rubber material in addition to the crosslinking speed is closely related, the vulcanization process of rubber materials and blowing agent in the decomposition of the NBR Rubber Products principle is basically the same, is a gas expansion wall to produce corresponding resistance to the extension process.

1, the choice of the main material

In the process of manufacturing, usually according to the specific objectives of the product selection of scientific rubber material, these materials in the selection to be soft, NBR Rubber Products moderate strength, good elasticity of natural rubber products, but also to select some to meet the needs of the product of artificial rubber. In the production of oil-resistant foaming products, in addition to the need to choose a reasonable science of nitrile rubber, but also to analyze the proportion and relationship of neoprene, and even to meet the needs of certain special products, can also be used in two or more types of rubber.

2, the choice of foaming agent

Foaming agent is the key link in the whole foaming rubber making, its selection is closely related to work efficiency and working quality. Generally speaking, the production of good performance foam products must be selected scientific and reasonable foaming agent, and the use of foaming agent, the use of methods to meet the current social development requirements. At present, the foaming agent mainly contains organic foaming agents and inorganic foams. Inorganic foaming agent mainly refers to sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, urea and so on, these foaming agents in the application has a fast decomposition speed, low temperature NBR Rubber Products advantage, theoretically its foaming performance is also relatively good. Because the gas produced in the application of this technology is mainly carbon dioxide and ammonia, the existence of these gases makes the rubber structure has a large permeability coefficient, it is difficult to make a closed-hole foaming rubber, the foaming rubber made of low quality, low strength, large shrinkage, easy deformation, so it is very easy to use alone in the work, and generally can be used as an organic foaming agent.

At present, our commonly used foaming agent contains n-dimethyl amide, methylene-Nitro, Diphenyl-sulfonyl-hydrazine ether and so on.

These materials in the application of the decomposition temperature is about 200 Shan, and in the production process need to add other foaming agent, such as urea, NBR Rubber Products magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, and so on, the decomposition of the gas is mainly composed of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and so on, these gases are not only non-toxic, odorless, and even have the advantage of not polluting the environment, do not change color. The rubber foaming products made by blowing agent have larger pore size and larger shrinkage rate, and when foaming agent is used, there is stearic acid, alum, etc., which can significantly reduce the decomposition temperature of foaming agents to 130.

3, the choice of vulcanization system

Vulcanization system is very important in the research process of foaming products, first, whether the vulcanization system and the foaming system match are the key to NBR Rubber Products produce the foaming products with good performance. A plastic material can be successful foaming, the most important is the vulcanization process and foaming agent of the decomposition process should be basically synchronized, or the starting time of the sulfur than the bubble time slightly earlier. Therefore, the choice of curing system after the adjustment of the foaming system to match, or select the foaming system after the adjustment of the vulcanization system to match.

4, the choice of filling agent

Carbon black, white carbon black and other reinforcing agent can improve the strength and stiffness of foamed rubber products, appropriate addition of calcium carbonate, clay fillers can improve the processing performance and reduce costs. Carbon Black should choose half complement strong FEF and SRF type carbon black, filler should choose light calcium carbonate, clay and so on, the dosage is not too much, preferably for $number.

5, Plasticizer choice of plasticizer requirements are: Plastic effect is better, less dosage, fast absorption rate, and rubber compatibility good, NBR Rubber Products volatile small, do not migrate, non-toxic, odorless, cheap and easy to get. Plasticizer can improve the dispersing degree of the coordination agent, the processing and molding of the mixed rubber. Foamed rubber Products with high foaming rate are required, the general plasticizer is larger, and the plasticizer with good compatibility with rubber is chosen.

6, the choice of old-age agent

Foamed rubber products for porous structure, large surface area, relatively easy to aging, must be combined with anti-aging agent. The principle of choosing antioxidant is that it has good anti-aging effect and does not affect the decomposition of foaming agent. Optional 4010, 264, MB and other old-age agent, the dosage is more than the general rubber products.