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NBR Rubber Products Classification And Design Procedures

Basic formula, also known as standard formula, generally used for raw rubber and with the identification of agents. When using a raw gum or compounding agent for the first time, use the basic recipe to verify its basic processability and physical properties. The basic formula is designed to use conventional compounding amounts for comparison with conventional materials; the formulation should be simplified as much as possible, NBR Rubber Products including only the basic components that reflect the basic process properties of the compound and the basic physical properties of the vulcanizate , The composition of these basic components of the compound, can reflect the basic technological properties of the compound (such as Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, etc.), but also reflects the basic physical properties of vulcanized rubber (such as hardness, Strength, tensile stress, elongation at break, etc.). It can be said that these basic components are indispensable. Different departments of the basic formula is often different, but the same base of the basic formula of basic, much the same.

Natural rubber, isoprene rubber, chloroprene rubber, etc. NBR Rubber Products with 5 from the ability to strengthen the crystalline rubber, NBR Rubber Products the base with: r can be used without reinforcing agent with pure glue, and the general synthetic rubber with pure plastic, its strength too Low can not reflect the practical situation, so to add reinforcing agent. At present, the more representative of the basic formula is the United States Material Testing Association (ASTM) as a standard for all kinds of rubber products based formula. Unit based on the accumulation of empirical data, while the same product and similar products to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the current production formula to design the basic formula.

The purpose of the formula is to meet the performance requirements and processing requirements of the product, to improve a certain characteristic, NBR Rubber Products and so on, in order to achieve a certain performance requirement for the rubber product. Performance formula should be based on the basis of the formula, a comprehensive consideration of a variety of performance with the requirements to meet the requirements of the use of products. Usually the recipe designer in the laboratory for product development and testing done when the formula is a performance formula, the performance formula is the recipe used by most of a recipe.

 Practical formula, NBR Rubber Products also known as the production formula, due to the performance of the test room under the conditions of the formula, often put into production in the process of some problems, such as mixing with the dispersion of the agent is not good, Between the short, extruded mouth when the expansion of large, such as rolling stick roll. Therefore, developed from the laboratory performance of the unitary side, NBR Rubber Products must be on-site production equipment and production process conditions assessment, which is commonly referred to as the expansion of the test, only through the expansion of the rubber formula without problems in order to formally put into production. If there is a process problem in the expansion test, NBR Rubber Products it is necessary to further adjust the formulation to improve the process performance of the compound without changing the basic properties of the vulcanizate.