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Natural Rubber Prices Still Rising Power

Recently, governed by markets and Japan influence of strong earthquakes, natural rubber (hereinafter "rubber") fell after prices spiked. But "2011 annual meeting of China rubber" insiders, Japan earthquake limited impact on demand for rubber, 2011 global natural rubber supply growth below trend demand growth will continue, the price still has momentum.

17th, Thailand rubber Association President Lin Licheng in "2011 China rubber Conference" said from the supply side, 2011 the world's natural rubber production is expected to reach 10.97 million tonnes, of which Thailand 3.47 million tons, Indonesia 2.94 million tons, Malaysia 1.1 million tons, India 893,000 tons, Viet Nam to 780,000 tons. Demands, expects global rubber demand will reach 11.2 million tons in 2011, 3.9 million tons of market demand in China, India 1 million tons, the United States of 907,000 tons, Japan 806,000 tons.

"Taking into account the world economic recovery, the world especially in China and India increase demand for natural rubber imports, affected by climate, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other main producing countries production will drop, drought has also affected the domestic rubber production in China. In General, natural rubber prices will keep rising in 2011. "Lin Licheng said.