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Household Rubber Products Industries With Bright Prospects

According to the National Bureau of statistics data showed 13,699 enterprises above the designated size of 2013 household rubber products, plastic products output 61.8866 million tons, up 8.02, than 2012 growth fell 8.99 to 0.97%. Among them, produced 10.893 million tons of plastic film; production of 4.716 million tons of plastic products; plastics produced 3.47 million tons of artificial leather, synthetic leather; fiber-reinforced plastic products output 2.5986 million tons; foam plastic production of 1.465 million tons. According to customs statistics: 2013 total, China's exports of plastic products 8.964 million tons, an increase of 5.3, exported US $ 35.29 billion.

Rose 11.8, exports an average price of $ 3937/ton, up 6.2. Chinese plastic product is structured as follows: enterprises above the designated size of 2013 plastic products sales totaled 1,868,644,000,000, up 14.26, a 2.47% increase in growth rate. Pre-tax profit of 167.675 billion yuan, up 17.10, growth fell by 0.02%.