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Fluorine Silicone Product Product Application Range

Fluorosilicone rubber is a modified silicone rubber, silicone rubber siloxane side chain on the methyl group is r-trifluoropropyl substituted products.

Product Description: With excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, for aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, oil-based fuel oil, lubricants, hydraulic oil and some synthetic oil (such as diester lubrication Oil, silicate hydraulic oil, etc.) at room temperature and high temperature stability are good, and can maintain flexibility. In the oil immersion conditions, the maximum temperature of up to 180 ℃. In the room temperature and high temperature stability are good, can be used in the range of long-term use, 250 ℃ short-term use.

Features and advantages: fluorosilicone polymer, low compression deformation; oil, solvent resistance performance; low, high temperature stability is good; fire, good insulation.

Product Application:

Aviation industry: on the machine resistant fuel oil, lubricating oil seals / contacts. Such as a variety of O-ring, fill, the whole tank seal, seal ring, sensor materials, diaphragm, fluorine silicon liner clamp.

Automotive industry: all kinds of vehicle seal ring, oil seal, diaphragm, catheter, valve lining and so on

Military industry: used in the need to withstand low temperature / oil / acid in the harsh environment, such as military aircraft hydraulic system infusion bellows, special vehicle doors and windows / mouth seal, sensor sensor

Use: 1. has been added a good curing agent, directly on the mixer to roll 25 times, mixing time of about 8 minutes to ensure that the material mixture evenly. 2. A vulcanization temperature: T = 170 ℃ × 15min; two curing conditions: 200 ℃ × 4h

Storage and Validity: This product is non-dangerous goods. Storage and attention to moisture and prevent acid, alkali and other impurities mixed. Storage at normal temperature for 2 years.