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Fluorine Silicone Product Have Good Adhesion

Both the fluorine compound and the silicone compound have been used as a release agent for molding various rubbers and resins. For example, as the silicone compound, Fluorine Silicone Product pure silicone oil, various modified silicone oils, silicone resins and the like are known, and fluorine compounds are known as phosphoric acid ester compounds containing perfluoroalkyl groups.

The conventional fluorine compound is mainly a compound having 8 or more carbon atoms in the fluoroalkyl chain. It has recently been feared that fluorine compounds having at least 8 carbon atoms in the perfluoroalkyl chain are persistent in the environment due to their difficulty in degradation and higher accumulation. Thus, Fluorine Silicone Product attempts have been made to find a fluorine compound containing a short fluoroether group chain having a lower environmental persistence.

In addition, fluorosilicone compounds having both a silicone moiety and a fluorine moiety in the molecule are also known. Patent Document 3 describes a fluorosilicone compound which is a component of a composition for forming a curable silicone film having water and oil repellency, Fluorine Silicone Product although Patent Document 3 does not describe a compound of the fluorosilicone compound alone Use or mold release.

Fluorosilicone weathering sealant has good adhesion with curtain wall material, and has good tensile strength, resistance to harsh weather, anti-vibration, anti-ultraviolet, water, ozone and adapt to hot and cold changes, good displacement Capacity and other characteristics, widely used in curtain walls, Fluorine Silicone Product doors and windows and airport runways, highways and other roads and bridges and other joints of the seal. Silicone weather sealant sizing for some reason will produce blistering phenomenon, Fluorine Silicone Product the bubble not only affects the building facade, the overall effect of the appearance of the beautiful, but also to a certain extent, reduce the mechanical properties of sealant, easy to cause sealant cracking, resulting in Curtain wall leakage or bonding failure of the bad consequences, greatly affect the use of sealing performance.

Fluorosilicone sealant can be divided into two components and two components. One-component silicone gel curing is to contact the moisture in the air and produce chemical structure changes, the curing process from the surface gradually to the deep, therefore, its deep curing speed is relatively slow, subject to environmental humidity greater impact on the sealant Glue depth, width and ambient temperature, Fluorine Silicone Product environmental humidity and so have a certain requirement; two-component silicone rubber is divided into A, B two components, Fluorine Silicone Product any group can not form a separate curing, but the two components once mixed to produce a reaction Curing. Curtain wall used in the construction site is common one-component silicone weather sealant.