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Development Of Rubber Products

According to the market demand of China rubber industry 2013-2017 forecasting and strategic planning of investment analysis report, statistical analysis of 10 key foreign-owned tire production and operation of enterprises in January 2013: tire production fell to 0.53%, an increase of 32.22%, including radial tire production increased 44.28%; tire export delivery volume grew by 30.55%; value of finished goods inventories fell-7.46%, achieved a great start.

In recent years, the rubber industry has been a great deal of development, there are sectors rose steadily, new rubber industry rapid development, but at the same time, rubber industry there are also issues such as environment, natural resources, disasters, and innovation. So, plastic products wants to rapid and sustainable development, will have to make improvements and adjustments in the industrial structure. Believe that with the expansion of the development prospects of China's rubber industry. Rubber industry the industrial structure will be big changes, new products, replacement product will increase applications, new materials, new processes will be further expanded, on the whole, there will be significant progress in the production technology.