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Application Of Silicone Products

Application and advantages of silicone products in everyday life

General alarm clock are metal or plastic, metal and rust corrosion, the fragile plastic, silicone alarm clock, it is actually a silicone sleeve, which is protected by hydraulic molding to be a clock, protected inside clock movements, bright, upscale atmosphere on the grade, not fragile like a plastic alarm clock case, fall is hard to break.

Silicone is a sealed sex very strong of material, in it sealed Xia of products any water in bubble a ten years eight contains never will has any problem, so was people for various watches of shell and the sealed circle, silicone shell is beautiful of Oh, like jelly watches, meat meat of, water of, inside if plus silicone sealed circle, bath laundry Ah, again also without picked to picked to of has, also has to himself beloved of phone, computer, keyboard plus a Deputy beautiful of silicone protection sets, life work in the, again also not for a Cup not carefully knocked of water and screaming's!

Silicone headphones, silicone earphones can protect the headphone dust-proof and shock resistant, shatter-resistant extended headphone life. Are music lovers the best ride.

Silicone products under high pressure and high temperature hydraulic molding so that it can withstand certain temperatures, while silicone is itself a kind of eco-friendly materials, can achieve food security index, therefore, silicone and has become the new darling of new kitchen, like silicone Cake mould, steamer cushions, ice crushes