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Selection of O-rings

O-rings seals are the most commonly used as a seal. But due to selection, grooved design, fabrication and Assembly of inappropriate, often causing oil leakage, it is a small bad things.

National standard o-rings in standard sizes GB1235-76, GB3452.1-88 as well as GB3452.1-92, which GB1235-76 the o-ring cross section diameter (also known as the wire diameter) 1.9, 2.4, 3.1, 3.5, 5.7, and o-rings with "outside diameter x diameter" method, commonly known as the old standard; GB3452.1-82 and GB3452.1-92 are basically the same, commonly known as the new standard, its o-ring has a diameter of 1.8, 2.65, 3.55, 5.3, new standard international practices, o-ring "diameter x diameter" marking method.

When using o-rings, first try to use the new national standard, wire diameter of 2.65 and 3.55 most commonly used, outer diameter greater than about 30 dimensions permitted cases, try to use o-ring diameter 3.55, in order to achieve greater compression and contact area. O ring materials include rubber, nitrile rubber NBR and Viton FKM, silicone rubber is now universally applicable sealing and preservation of food and daily necessities, nitrile rubber applied to normal temperature machinery working environment, especially the oil resistance of the more prominent, fluoro rubber is more suitable for high temperature acid and alkali conditions. Apart from the material, o-rings are an important indicator of its hardness, hardness is generally used to represent, ranging from around 60 to 90, the larger the higher hardness. Under the same pressures, high hardness, extrusion prevention (deformed and even torn) stronger capacity.