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Rubber vulcanization

Upon completion of the curing of rubber products often need to do some post-processing, can be qualified as a finished product. This including: ① rubber mold products of to side dressing, makes products surface smooth, and shape size reached requirements; II after some special process processing, as on products surface for processing, makes special uses of products of using performance has mention high; ③ on contains fabric skeleton of products as tape, and tire, products to for hot stretch cooling and sulfide Hou in inflatable pressure Xia cooling, to guarantee products size, and shape stable and good of using performance.

A trim for Vulcanized rubber molds, mold products when product in the curing compound Bi Ran along the mold parting surfaces and other parts out, overflow formed rubber, also called Flash or Flash strips the thickness depends on the structure of, and precision flat, flat vulcanizing machine parallelism and put rubber glue. Infinity now tooling products, special thin rubber, sometimes from mold were taken off or lightly brush can be removed. But the high cost of this mold, easily damaged, after most of the rubber mold vulcanizing, need trimming. 1. manual repair manual trimming is one of the oldest methods of trimming, which includes hand-punch punching-strips using tools such as scissors, blade removal strips. Hand finished rubber products quality and speed will also vary, geometry requirements after repair products must comply with drawings, without scratching, scratching and distortion. Must be clear before finishing trim parts and technical requirements, and master the correct way of dressing and the correct use of the tools.