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Determination of performance of rubber and

The properties of Vulcanized rubber mechanical properties, heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy and electrical insulation properties, their performance on the rubber and has a decisive impact on the quality of the product.

Is closely related to the properties of Vulcanized rubber composition, selecting a different composition, can make, vulcanized performance over a wide range. Therefore, studying the relationship between performance and composition, is part of the formula.

Performance of rubber can be divided into two categories, performance and functional characteristics and structure, structure refers to the mechanical properties such as high elasticity and strength; features rubber physical properties and chemical properties, such as chemical resistance, electrical insulation, chemical resistance and so on. Rubber products, some to use a performance-oriented, such as shock-absorbing products, sealing products; some use a performance-oriented, such as water (water resistance) and the cable sheath (electrical insulation). But in all the performance, structure and mechanical properties of the most important. Because it is the basis of all the property.